I’m absolutely thrilled with your work! Particularly since I just got the page proofs from another book I’m doing with my regular publisher and the copy editor they used was really disappointing. If I publish with them again, I’m going to request they hire you, or just hire you again myself. Joseph Tychonievich, author, speaker, and noted horticulturalist, Michigan, USA,

Another text with a Siobhan Seal of Excellency—real magic! and Siobhan is absolutely brilliant. An erudite writer, highly professional, quick and reliable, and a pathological perfectionist, she leaves no stone unturned. Please do not hire her—I would love her to remain available for my future projects! Viacheslav Dinerchtein, concert violist, award-winning photographer and magician, Switzerland

Siobhan has had an incredibly positive impact on our business growth since we first began our professional relationship in September 2011. Being a very creative person and lacking any sense of detail, I have relied heavily on Siobhan to funnel that creativity effectively and present our materials as error-free and grammatically correct as possible. We would not be where we are without her. Mark A. Griffin, Founder & CEO, IHNHR, Lancaster, PA, USA

I rarely give rave reviews, but in this case Siobhan exceeded our expectations in every way.  She performed ahead of schedule, with great attention to our requests, and exemplary diligence.  I strongly recommend Siobhan for editing tasks involving complex requirements (in our case a full edit of a technically oriented book) and look forward to working with her in the future.  Erik Wilhelm, PhD, co-author, Transition to Hydrogen: Pathways Toward Clean Transportation (Cambridge Univ. Press), scientist, Paul Scherrer Institute, Zurich, Switzerland

Siobhan did an outstanding job editing my 530-page book. I can’t begin to offer enough praise. She brings excellent technical skills as well as insight into things like flow, readability, and structure. Highly recommended!!  Dr. Arthur Bradley, author, Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms, The Survivalist fiction series, and engineer, NASA, Virginia, USA

Five-star rating across the board and I would rehire with no hesitation. We had some specific and unusual requirements in the editing workflow and Siobhán worked closely with us to come up with a solution that worked well… If I could give higher than 5 stars, I would!! John Wheeler on behalf of son Patrick Wheeler, PhD student, Physics, Rice University, Houston, TX, USA

It’s been a really great, great experience to work with this experienced, brilliant writer. In addition to her talent, she is very responsible and went to every length to make my statement of purpose essay shine and was very communicative and accessible. If you need help when applying to top grad schools or polishing your CV, she should absolutely be your first choice!  James Weng, Sun Yat-sen University, China

Great work.  Very professional.  Walid Taha, Professor, Computer Science, Halmstad University, Sweden, and Rice University, Houston, TX

Absolutely outstanding. Siobhan is a true professional. Extremely fast responses and wonderful work. I have enjoyed our long-term professional relationship.  Rob Price, President, Price World Publishing, US

Amazing work! Tom Bewick, CEO, INSSO, London, UK

Siobhan made herself available to take on this last minute editing project even though she was leaving for her Christmas/New Year’s holiday. She always exceeds my expectations and does a terrific job. I will hire her again, like I have repeatedly done over the past three years.  Ayo A., graduate student, Princeton University, NJ, USA

Have never had more efficient, friendly, and prompt service. Siobhan was always helpful, understanding, and available in helping us to edit 3 important documents for an international client despite shifting deadlines, time zones, and changing workload. Will definitely be contacting her again in the future for other projects.  E. Sands, labour specialist

Superb! Most recently handled a last-minute request for proofreading and produced, yet again, professional, quick results. She takes great care in all areas of the proofreading process, including content, references, diagrams and overall grammatical consistency. Always a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her services!  Monica C., healthcare administrator

Siobhan does excellent work [my copywriter loves her] and is great when it comes to tight deadlines.  Robert “Skz” Skrzynski, Revolution Marketing, AZ, US

As always Siobhan did an excellent job with editing the text and recipes for this cookbook project. She demonstrated a thorough knowledge of professional cookbooks. I would definitely recommend her for this type of project.  Julie L., Legacy Books Publishing, Australia

Absolutely first class work throughout, friendly and timely service, and done with dedication and a passion for excellence.  Tom Bane, author, Masks of the Lost Kings

Outstanding turnaround and attention to detail. Very impressed with the depth and breadth of her suggestions. An excellent example of a contractor ‘over-delivering’ rather than ‘under-delivering’. Thank you!!  J. Edwards, Munich, Germany

I hired Siobhan to edit a forthcoming technical manual/user guide. Siobhan’s strong editing skills and attention to detail transformed the final product to my satisfaction. Additionally, Siobhan made a note of tasks which were inconsistent, and which helped me to improve on the deliverable. She also reviewed all the image captions, which was a task in itself, as I had more than 200 images. The final product was delivered on the promised date. I enjoyed working with Siobhan and look forward to work with her in future.  T. Davis, IT specialist, UK

Siobhan is simply excellent: a true professional and a pleasure to work with.   Zhaodon Group, Hong Kong

Siobhan was very thorough in her editing of my dissertation—the language and consistency have been immensely improved. The manuscript was quite technical and full of statistical jargon, but her edits were spot on.  Alvin Vista, PhD student

The best! Exceptional ability to edit and proofread. Will definitely work with again!  Shelly A., Minnesota, US

As a first-time author/publisher, I needed the help of an experienced editor/proofreader and I got it with Siobhan. She provided feedback above and beyond what I expected and others have mentioned to me that my book is well edited. I highly recommend working with Siobhan. Faith McClure, author, McClure’s Private School Application Workbook

I cannot say enough good things about Siobhan.  She is without doubt the one of the best writers I have ever come across.  She took my rough manuscript of nearly 300,000 words and effectively cut it down to various agents’ requests of less than 100,000 words, while maintaining the integrity of the story, flow, and my voice.  What can I say but, “Wow!”  She is extremely professional and was always open to my input and she offered numerous suggestions that created a top-notch manuscript. Without exception, everyone commented on the strength of the writing. I will work with her again and continue to recommend her to everyone!  Tim Brown, author

Always impressed with Siobhan’s attention to detail and grasp of all proof-reading areas, including grammar, punctuation, spelling and author attribution. She did a very good, thorough job on my professional article and I appreciate the effort she put in. Highly recommended!  J. Stevens

Siobhan is capable, fast and smart. She edits the way the best editors do: with a light touch, making each sentence better while preserving the author’s voice. I’m so glad I found her, and I’ll be very sure to hire her the next time I need editing. Merci, Siobhan!  Monique C., Talance, MA, US

She’s AWESOME! Got my SOP done perfectly on time on incredibly short notice!  N.W., graduate school applicant

Despite this being a very last minute task, with limited available time, the final result was outstanding and under the deadline.  T. Fredericks, marketing executive, TX, US

Amazing work; exceeds expectations/requirements. Her passion and skill is definitely reflected in her work!  Anthony Lay, London, UK

If you are looking for a top-notch candidate to improve your work (essays, books, proposals), Siobhan is the person to contact. She is excellent re meeting deadlines and giving valid suggestions to make your work even better. Also, she is very easy to work with and ready to go the extra mile to ensure that she understands what you need at all times and she is not about the money—it’s all about giving the best quality possible. She is wonderful: nice and very flexible as well.  A. Andrews, UK

Siobhan brought such an extensive base of knowledge to this project. She was extremely proficient, kind, and communicated frequently. She was early on meeting deadlines and gave very helpful suggestions. Thanks to Siobhan, my book project moved right along. I highly recommend her.  Valarie Budayr, Audrey Press, author, The Fox Diaries